Nanotechnology and aliens is the plot behind this platformer


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The center of investigations that Iji, this story's protagonist, visits with her family has been attacked by a group of aliens called Tasen.

Iji, who is injured in the attack, gets transformed into a cyborg. The nanotechnological advances present in the Tasen are also given to her. This allows her to acquire different abilities throughout the game and use different alien weapons.

Krotera is the name of the Tasen that you must meet and convince to abandon the place. The weapon that you start with is a Tasen nano-pistol.

The keys you'll use to control Iji are: Z to destroy objects; up arrow to jump and down arrow while she's in the air to destroy what's below you; X to shoot; C to read and use what's known as the Cyborg stations.

The Cyborg stations are different panels on each level that let you improve the following abilities of Iji:

- Assimilation: increase the ability to regain armor and weapon power

- Attack: determine the strength of your nano-weapons

- Strength: determine the power of Iji's punches

- Tasen: lets you handle new weapons

- Komato: lets you use this type of weaponry

For Windows Vista, XP, 2000, NT, and 98. Requires a 1 Ghz processor, a video card with 32 MB of memory, and 200 MB of available RAM.

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